About HRO

HRO-Provide high-quality services and overall solutions for switch socket products to global customers


With innovation as the driving force, with a diverse talent team as inspiration.


Hro has a highly influential engineering team and full-time research and development team in the industry, and has built a well-defined research and development talent echelon, which provides a solid guarantee for the continuous innovation of technology. There are a number of modern, technical, good management of high-quality management personnel and a high-quality technical team engaged in switch socket research and development for many years, from design, development to production, quality shipment, etc., have strict control. Meticulous to product quality. The technical director has the international advanced technical level, the ability to continuously innovate and optimize the existing product technology and the ability to develop new products for the market demand, so as to ensure that our products have the high technical level and advanced nature synchronized with the world. The company always adheres to independent innovation and R & D, promotes the construction of the whole R & D system with the concept of "facing market demand and encouraging product innovation", and has established a perfect R & D system and structure. The R & D investment over the years has been maintained at more than 8% of annual sales. hro attaches importance to its own technological development, and carries out a series of R & D investment in three major directions: technological development, model capacity and quantitative capacity. hro exports 100 + new products every year to lead the scientific and technological innovation of the industry.


The company is committed to the research and development of switch socket and related products, pays attention to the research of product operation technology and management technology, and ensures to provide customers with advanced products and excellent services. In the process of technology research and development, technical personnel make full use of advanced design theory to design ultra-small touch switch, sealed waterproof micro switch, waterproof earphone socket and other industry cutting-edge products, it has the characteristics of small size, longer life and stable function. Around customer needs, always focus on technological innovation, is committed to the power of creativity and technology to move the world. To this end, we continue to accelerate scientific and technological innovation, continue to create social value in the field of electronic components business, and establish a global brand in the field of switch sockets.


hro is committed to becoming a global brand manufacturer in the field of high quality switches and sockets! Cooperate with us to achieve your ambition! Together we continue to create social value.