hro-Provide high-quality services and overall solutions for switch socket products to global customers

Environmental policy

Comply with RoHS, HF, WEEE, REACH and other international regulations
Hro Green Supply Chain Management
Hro Green System Management
Implementation of greenhouse gas inventory and implementation of energy conservation and carbon reduction plans

Environmental Protection Implementation

Hro's current environmental standards, in addition to compliance with regulations (RoHS, REACH), its internal self-standards, has been significantly ahead of the general industry nickel-free process.
Halogen-free products-all products used in the material, including plastic parts are prohibited flame retardant and flame retardant.

Recyclable materials

(1), Reduced and low-extended oil consumables, compounded international goods, customer demand,
Use high quality recyclable materials
Use of recyclable biodegradable packaging
Use plastic box instead of carton
Use 100% biodegradable PLA
Use of Recyclable Metals
Use recyclable copper, steel