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Provide a safe, hygienic and comfortable environment


Employees are the most important partners in the operation of the company! providing a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for employees is one of the most important obligations and responsibilities for enterprises to take care of employees. hro implements the relevant management framework system according to the spirit and requirements of ISO14001/ OHSAS18000 and EICC to ensure the protection of employees' safety, hygiene and health: free annual health examination.

The factory has a dedicated safety management committee. The top supervisor of the committee is the general manager of the factory. The safety director and the supervisors of each unit are jointly responsible for the planning, implementation, supervision, review and improvement of the internal safety, health, hygiene and other work of each factory area, and ensure compliance with the laws and regulations and requirements of local governments.

Ensure that the water, food, dormitory, light, ventilation, noise control, emergency safety care equipment, etc. provided to employees are regularly inspected and maintained and fully comply with the regulations and requirements of the law.
Organize emergency training and drills on a regular basis, and hire staff from external professional institutions for first aid skills and field drills.

Regularly hold symposiums between the chairman of the board of directors and new and senior personnel. Through the exchange of opinions through two-way communication, employees can understand the company's culture and business direction, and listen to the ideas and suggestions of colleagues to seek a better future.
There is an employee suggestion box where colleagues can respond to their opinions or opinions as a reference for improving the operation of the company.

The employee satisfaction survey is conducted every two years to understand the employees' thoughts, opinions and satisfaction on the company's strategy and culture, organizational operation/communication, supervisor and leadership, salary/bonus/employee welfare, education and training, promotion and development/performance evaluation, work content, working environment/company prospect, internal support unit service and other work structures, which becomes an important reference basis for the improvement of the company.