DC Socket_DC Jack_hro _SMD DC Charging Socket_DC-055S
  • DC Socket_DC Jack_hro _SMD DC Charging Socket_DC-055S


Horizontal 3P ¢ 0.65mm (Surface Mount) DC Socket


Rated load: DC 30V 0.5A
Contact resistance: 100mΩ Max
Insulation resistance: ≥100mΩ
Resistance to welding temperature: 250±5°5s
Service life: 5,000 cycles
Use temperature: -20 ℃ to 70 ℃
Use humidity: ≤ 85% RH
Insertion and extraction strength: 3-20N
Application areas: Smart home, audio and video products, electrical appliances, computers, etc.






Preheat temperature
Preheating temperature

110ºC max (Embilomental temperature of soldering surface of P. W. E)
110°C or less (temperature around the solder surface of the printed substrate)

Preheat time
Preheating time

60 sec, max
Within 60 seconds

Area of flux
Area of flux

1/2 max of P. W. B. thickness
Within 1/2 of the thickness of the printed substrate

Temperature of solder
Solder temperature

250ºC max
Less than 250 °C

Time of immersion
dip welding time

Within 5 sec
Within 5 seconds

Soldering number
Dip welding times

Within 2 times (But should bring down heat of the first soldering)
Within 2 times (but the temperature of the first solder should be lowered)

Printed wiring board
printed substrate

Single sided copper-clad laminates
single-sided copper foil

(1) After switches were soldered, please be careful not to clean switches with solvent
After the switch is dip-soldered, be careful not to clean it with solvent.
(2) In the case of using soldering iron, soldering conditions shall be 350ºC max and 3 sec. max
In the case of using ferrochrome, the solder temperature should be below 350°C, within 3 seconds.
(3) Right after switches were soldered; please be careful not to load on the knobs of switches.
After dip welding, be careful not to apply a load on the top.
3. 2 Design instructions(Matters needing attention in design)
(1) Follow recommended P. W. B. piercing plan in outside drawing page. Refer to the product drawing for the mounting hole size of the printed substrate.
(2) Design key top as fig. Design inclination of key top 4 deg. max as fig. (Recommended operating condition.)
The keystroke design is shown in the figure, and the keystroke inclination is within 4 degrees. (See operating conditions).
3.3 Note(Attention point)
(1) Please be cautious not to give excessive static load or shock to switches.
Be careful not to apply excessive pressure or shake the switch.
(2) Please be careful not to pile up P. W. B. after switches were soldered.
After the switch is soldered, be careful not to stack the printed substrates.
(3) Preservation under high temperature and high humidity or corrosive gas should be avoided
especially. When you need to preserve for a long period, do not open the carton.
In particular, care should be taken to avoid high humidity and high temperature and corrosive gas environment. If you need to store for a long time, please do not open the box.
3.4 Note(AttentionPoint)
Due to the possibility of modification and change of products, customers should check or trial production in small batches after receiving the goods, and batch production can only be carried out after confirmation.