hro-Provide high-quality services and overall solutions for switch socket products to global customers

Product Application

Han Rong department to provide you with high quality switches and sockets, choose our products, you will have no worries.
Our products are widely used in the following products:
1. Audio and video products: MP3, MP4, DVD, audio;
2. Digital products: digital cameras, digital video cameras, etc;
3. Remote control: remote control for automobiles, security and digital products;
4. Communication products: mobile phones, car phones, telephones, building equipment, PDA, etc;
5. Household appliances: TV sets, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electronic human scales, etc;
6. Security products: video walkie-talkie, etc;
7. Toys: electronic toys, etc;
8. Computer products: camera, recording pen, monitor, keyboard, etc;
9. Fitness equipment: treadmill, massage chair, etc;
10. Medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, thermometer, etc;
11. Intelligent transportation: intelligent transportation equipment;
12. Wearable products: smart bracelet;