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Enterprise sustainable management concept

Hro has always believed that "character is the foundation of success, and only with character can we achieve lasting success and joy. At the same time of success, we should also invest in public welfare to make society a better place. 」 in addition to adhering to the enterprise's moral character, hro is more committed to creating a win-win situation with stakeholders, and is making unremitting efforts towards the goal of sustainable operation in the plans for public welfare issues such as employee advocacy, environmental protection, and charity assistance.
Standing on the business management side, hro expects to be an honest and upright awakening enterprise. Standing on the corporate social responsibility side, we hope to provide positive influence. Adhering to the heart of gratitude and humility, from economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility, environmental responsibility to charity responsibility, following the corporate sustainability policy, we are committed to becoming a company that can be trusted forever, and grow and prosper together with the society. Actively maintain close relationships with customers and suppliers, and continue to invest in high-tech research and development under the customer-oriented concept to meet the needs of customers for innovation and change; at the same time, drive suppliers to meet green environmental protection requirements, integrity commitments, quality issues feedback, etc., Actively fulfill corporate responsibilities and create a green earth.
Through employee satisfaction surveys and other activities, we will jointly build a good working environment. Encourage employees to actively participate in charitable activities.
Through the "QC080000" certification, improve the self-management system, strict control of various environmental directives on toxic and hazardous substances restrictions.