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Application of Communication Products

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Our advantage

 Hro TACT SWITCH ultra-thin volume key touch switch, with ultra-small volume, delicate feel, high reliability, long life and other characteristics. The product is a high-temperature surface mount process, which greatly improves customer productivity efficiency. The new generation of Type-C interface products have the characteristics of fast transmission speed, data integrity, addressability, scalability, dynamic connection and disconnection, support for high-voltage and high-power PD power transmission protocol, unified interface and mechanical characteristics, and high compatibility, which are favored by customers in the communication product industry.

Application of Ultra-thin Touch Switch and Interface

 Hro switch & interface products are widely used in the field of communication products, the following is an example of our products in practical applications.

  • Smartphones, walkie-talkies
  • Video intercom, satellite phone
  • Digital set-top box, security monitoring
  • Smart home gateway, smart meter
  • Smart smoke sense, payment equipment, etc.

Quality Control & Environmental Protection Standards

 In order to ensure the quality, in the production process, the products are subject to strict reliability testing before shipment. According to the spirit and requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001 and EICC, implement relevant management systems, fulfill international standards for quality management systems, and comply with current environmental protection standards and regulations (RoHS, Lead free, REACH), and strictly control the restrictions on toxic and harmful substances in various environmental protection directives.

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