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What are the principles and applications of the characteristics of the waterproof micro switch?

Nowadays, the upgrading speed of electronic products is very fast, and various switches are constantly being upgraded and improved, which makes our lives more convenient. In many switches, there is a switch because it can be used in humid environments called waterproof micro switch, waterproof micro switch has a variety of types of terminals, leads, pressure handle for customers to choose, so the application of waterproof micro switch is very wide.

Waterproof micro switch is a circuit double contact switch, it uses the specified stroke and operating force for the switch normally open and normally closed switch. It consists of a base, an upper cover, an internal combination of reeds, contacts, etc., and an external drive rod that can be matched. The function of the switch is realized by the mechanical activity of the contact.

waterproof micro switch characteristics:

1. Through the rubber sealing ring and epoxy resin sealing to achieve stable sealing. It can be used in places with water or dust.
2. Terminal type complete, can be equipped with a variety of terminals, wires.
3. Equipped with various forms of pressure handle.

waterproof micro switch application:
It can be used in automobiles, vending machines, refrigerators, ice machines, bathroom equipment, water heaters, air conditioners and other occasions with environmental resistance requirements and outdoor equipment and instruments!

Working principle:

The external mechanical force is exerted on the acting reed through the transmission element (button, rod, reed, etc.). When the acting reed moves to the critical point, it will produce instantaneous action, so that the moving contact at the end of the acting reed can be fixed The contact is quickly connected or disconnected.

When the force on the transmission component is eliminated, the acting reed will produce a reverse force. When the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the critical point of the reed, the reverse action is completed immediately. The micro switch contact spacing is small, the pressing power is small, the action stroke is short, and the switch is fast.

waterproof micro switch classification:

Waterproof micro switches also have different categories, including ultra-small, small, normally open, normally closed and so on. The overall feature is that they are small in size, can be used in places with water or dust, and are waterproof to IP67.

Product features:

The switch is small in size, good in sealing, complete in terminals, good in waterproof performance, diverse in outgoing lines, and variable in line length.

Product use:

Waterproof micro switches are widely used in various cold, humid, dusty and harsh environments, such as water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, ice makers, spraying equipment, bathroom equipment, and some outdoor equipment and instruments. They can also be used in new energy vehicle charging seats.

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