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To overcome difficulties, hro innovates and develops a normally open and normally closed dual-function detection switch.

We are pleased to introduce the new product detection switch (normally open and normally closed dual function detection switch) released by hro Hanrong. Through the unremitting efforts of engineers, the product has a normally open and normally closed dual-function free switching detection switch in a limited volume space. This detection switch adopts a 1-loop 2-contact (single pole double throw) design and a high-flatness surface mount process terminal design. The product base is made of high-end materials such as high-temperature resistant nylon material, brass terminal, phosphor copper reed, stainless steel cover plate, etc. The product has the advantages of small size, high quality, long life, long stroke, and dual function combination. It provides a good limit detection solution for customers in product design. It is widely used in intelligent products, such as the fault detection function of door lock body, locking & unlocking detection. And all kinds of products, anti-demolition, anti-collision and limit action detection functions. The unique function of its products, to fill the domestic switch industry blank innovative products.

We believe that this normally open and normally closed dual-function detection switch will bring a new design concept to the majority of R & D engineers, so that customer products can be more relaxed and comfortable in the forefront of the market.



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