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"Epidemic prevention is not lax" health knowledge learning.

On May 25, 2020, the Company launched a "No Slack of Epidemic Prevention" health knowledge learning group activity, with the aim of promoting staff to have the awareness and ability of continuous epidemic prevention when the epidemic is not completely over, and to have a good hygiene habit after the epidemic is over. There are mainly five group activities, namely "know you, me and him" to let the team members get familiar with each other, establish relationships and formulate group contracts. "Understanding the new coronavirus" enhances the team members' understanding and prevention of the new coronavirus; "Develop good hygiene habits" and learn the "seven-step method of washing hands" and the knowledge of correctly wearing masks and using disinfectant together with the team members. "Smile, virus Run" guides team members to express their feelings under the epidemic situation, encourages them to express their physical and mental changes, and invites team members to share their interesting stories about staying at home during the epidemic situation, so as to relieve their bad emotions such as boredom and boredom caused by staying at home for a long time during the epidemic situation. "Epidemic prevention is not lax" consolidates the key points of disease prevention and control and health knowledge through "health knowledge fun quiz.