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[tact switch] tact switch installation and testing maintenance should pay attention

Waterproof touch switch, as its name implies, is a touch switch with waterproof function. The requirement for waterproof does not mean that it is waterproof when working in a humid environment without affecting its performance. The real waterproof effect is to achieve IP67 industrial grade waterproof effect. It can be called waterproof touch switch. The use of waterproof touch switch is very extensive. hro Han Rong will introduce several kinds of classification and structural design that can increase the protection function of waterproof touch switch.

Waterproof touch switch structure design notes:
1., the universal button and the universal shrapnel of the touch switch are used, because the edge size of the button is close to the outer shape size of the shrapnel, the structural device fixing the edge of the button is inevitably used to press the base and the silicone edge. The sealing area is too small, and the dustproof and waterproof protection function is low, but the universal button can be replaced to maintain the diversity of the switch height;
It is 2. to adopt a shrapnel with a diameter of not more than 5mm and reduce the edge size of the button, so that the structural device fixing the edge of the button is used to press the base and the silica gel edge to increase the dense area, and improve the dustproof and waterproof protection function.
3., an intermediate cover plate is added for the ordinary touch switch. The small hole characteristic of the intermediate cover plate meets the requirement of using elastic pieces with a diameter of not more than 5mm, increases the sealing area of the silicone pad, improves the dustproof and waterproof performance, and has good protection effect. At the same time, the large hole characteristic of the middle cover plate meets the requirement of adopting universal buttons to achieve the high diversity of switches. At the same time, the characteristics of replacing the cover plate to achieve different installation forms.
4. pay attention to the storage environment of the waterproof tact switch. In order to prevent oxidation of the terminal, please do not place it in a high temperature, high humidity environment, corrosive gas environment, or direct sunlight. Please keep the package in the state of preservation. After the package is opened, it should be used as soon as possible, and the remaining parts should be properly stored in a moisture-proof and non-corrosive gas environment.
classification of waterproof touch switch:
Waterproof touch switch has the characteristics of small appearance, ultra-thin, very small press force (minimum N up to 0.98) and light. Types are standard type, sealed type, SMD type, waterproof type, pendulum type, long type, vertical type, semi-circular array thin. Contact silver plated, gold plated. The installation forms mainly include insert welding type, embedded pin type, surface mount and so on. The size is 6 x 6mm, 6.2 x 6.2mm, 8 x 8mm, 10 x 10mm, 12 x 12mm, etc. The advantages are suitable for high-density surface mount, some can be cleaned after welding, sealed type can be dustproof, the most suitable for harsh environment selection, circuit design is simple. The product life of hro varies from 500000 to 1 million times. The product has become a series.

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