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What are the particularity and structural requirements of the ultra-small tact switch?

First, let's look at the external structure. The ultra-small touch switch is to minimize the size of the product as much as possible. Therefore, how to ensure its product function in an extremely limited space has become a key issue. Everyone knows that the smaller the product volume, the higher the precision, the more difficult it is to assemble. The plastic base injection mold of the ultra-small touch switch itself needs to be quite precise, and the materials of the base and contact reed are also very important, they directly affect the insulation and conduction performance of the switch. In the base part, the LCP or PA material is used for injection molding. In addition, most of the shrapnel of the ultra-small touch switch uses imported stainless steel shrapnel, and its treatment process is also very strict. After being treated by electroplating silver, it can achieve very good contact performance and oxidation resistance effect. Look again at the surface area. Yellow or transparent film on the switch to play a very good protective effect, the switch generally need to consider the feel, so the thickness of the diaphragm is also very particular; if it is used in special areas, but also on the product's temperature resistance, waterproof and other performance requirements.
In general, ultra-small touch switch as a light touch switch in the lightweight, miniaturization of the use of exploration, hro Han Rong has developed into a mature solution provider, products are widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, wearable devices and other products. Customers are welcome to consult online and ask for samples.

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